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Want the Proven Coaching System that’s Been Helping Beauty Pros Double Their Income & Achieve 6 Figures?

Who is the BeautyPro Success System For?


You’re a beauty professional tired of struggling

You need clients or students & don’t know what to do

You feel if you don’t get results soon, you might quit

You want a proven system with the exact steps to follow

You feel alone and need a support system to plug into

What Will this Program Do For You?

Attracting and booking clients starts with making you look like a million bucks professionally. We’ll help you to create an online presence that is magnetic. You’ll have a clear and compelling message all guiding your prospects to a simple offer that is easy to say yes to! 

You’ll be energized, connected to a supportive community cheering you on, as you implement our proven system. You’ll begin generating lots of new inquiries for your services and we’ll train you on converting those inquiries to booked clients (and/or students)!

Students Are Getting Amazing Results Fast

How Does It Work?


We kick things off with our “Roadmap” call in which we establish your goals and create a document with customized instructions just for you!

As you implement the Roadmap, you refer to the online course which guides you step by step through much of what you need to do.

You plug into our weekly group calls and get energized in our student group, where we continue to teach you and keep you progressing by helping to resolve any challenges.

Your inquiries and consultations increase, followed by your booked appointments, and we celebrate together as you break out and start experiencing the successful career you’ve been dreaming about!

3 Program Level Options

Bronze Plan

For Newer, Less Established Beauty Pros

  • Roadmap Coaching Call with Tanny & Glen (90 Min)
  • BeautyPro Success System Online (6 Months)
  • Live, Weekly Group Coaching Calls (4 Months)
  • Lifetime Student Group Access
  • Lifetime membership to BeautyPro Prime education website
  • A $400 discount on a website solution

Silver & Gold Plans

For More Established Beauty Pros With More Unique Challenges that Require More Direct Support

  • Everything included with the Bronze plan, plus…
  • Additional private, direct mentorship with Glen & Tanny (The number of calls, type of support and pricing is customized to fit your situation)

Meet Your Mentors

Tanny Diep

Grandmaster Trainer in PMU & Owner of Swaybrows Studio & Academy

Starting out in PMU in 2018, with no previous experience, Tanny (aka @swaybrows) has reached the absolute top of the PMU industry, having built a hugely successful studio that includes staff, multiple locations, a products distribution business, and a wildly successful training business, with mostly sold out courses for the last 3 years! Tanny has amassed one of the largest Instagram followings in the entire PMU industry. If anyone KNOWS how to build an Instagram following its Tanny. With this Coaching System, you’re going to follow the exact steps Tanny took to achieve her success.

Glen Rosenberg

Business Coach & Owner of BeautyPro Group

Glen co-founded two PMU academies that have graduated thousands of artists. He has personally mentored 100+ artists who have achieved 6 figures and many who have grown into successful trainers and the leaders in the industry that you likely follow today. With this system, you’re going to follow the same steps Glen has used to mentor many other beauty professionals just like you to achieve life changing success.

Real Talk Student Reviews

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the coaching program?

We have a few different plans and we normally make a recommendation after learning more about you, your current circumstances and your goals on a strategy call.

Reach out to us and we can get on a call with you and get you pricing right way!

Am I guaranteed to make 6 figures after going through the program?

No. It’s not possible for any coaching program to guarantee your results because a lot of your results is based of of the actions you take.

What we can guarantee is that we will spoon feed you the exact formula that helped Tanny build a 7 figure beauty business, and which helped more than 100+ beauty professionals just like you achieve 6 figures. 

What you do with the formula will be up to you!

But if you take it and run with it, we will run right by your side. We would love nothing more than to add your success story to this very page 🙂

Does the coaching program include a website?

Since a strategically designed, persuasive website is an integral part of the marketing funnel we will be building with you, most students do get a website with us. While not included in the coaching program, students receive a $400 discount when they purchase the website with the coaching program simultaneously.

How long do I have access to the coaching program?

Details regarding what is included with the coaching program may be found in this section HERE

How do I sign up?

The first step is to make contact with us. You may complete the form on this page and we will get in touch with you quickly. Or alternatively, if you just can’t wait, click either TEXT or WHATSAPP in the footer and we can connect with you right now and help you get started!

Do you have payment plans?

Yes! We will go over the options with you on the call. Click any of the buttons in the footer to reach out and schedule today!

I'm on a very tight budget, I want to do this but I'm not sure I can afford it. What options are there?

We’ve created several different levels of solutions to fit almost every situation from someone struggling on a tight budget, who needs the most help they can get at the lowest possible cost to get their business moving, to very established beauty pros looking for high touch coaching to scale beyond the million dollar mark.

Usually we figure out quickly on a call what solution to recommend and share our suggestions. We want to help you to succeed, so we consider your financial situation and goals and then make our recommendations from there.

Even More Amazing Student Results

Ready to Take Action?

Submit this form and we will be in touch right away and set up a free call with you. We will quickly figure out where you are, where you want to be, and immediately identify what’s blocking you. Even if you don’t engage us with our program, we will make sure you get great value from our call that you can take with you and use!

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